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If your car battery dies, and you don't have jumper cables or anyone to count on, make sure to call Mr.Quickpick for a quick solution. We can either give you a jump start or install a new battery on the spot. We offer jump start services to both light duty vehicles such as cars, vans & trucks, but we also provide heavy-duty jump start services to semi trucks, box trucks, fire trucks, tractors & farm equipment. Our technicians take the greatest care and precautions when working with your vehicle, and we use portable jump starter equipment specially designed to jump you safely. You can rest assured that you jump start will be done quickly, and you will be on your way soon. All you have to do pick up the phone and call your local providers. (317) 342-0887

If you have already tried to jump start your vehicle, and you are wondering why your vehicle won't start; you should know that there are numerous reasons why a vehicle may not start, it could be an internal problem with the battery itself, a fuse, ignition problems or just the fact that you accidentally left the lights on overnight, it could also be that you just didn't have enough power from the jump start source to get the job done.

Regardless of the source of the problem, you’ll want to get back on the road as soon as possible. We not offer jump start and battery installation services, but we can also test your charging system to make sure that the batter really is the source of the problem. Pricing for jump start & battery installation ranges from $65-155 depending on vehicle type and scope of work required. Our jump boxes are strong so if we can't get you started, you can bet the issue is most likely not power related.

If you’ve already tried to jump start on your vehicle, but the engine won’t turn over, there is a good chance that your battery could still be the source of the problem, it could be that it requires a stronger jump power source or that it's time for a replacement. Alternatively, it could also be your alternator (vehicles charging system), an ignition problem, a bad fuel pump or a faulty fuse & in that case, you will most likely need a tow or a mobile mechanic.

Mr.Quickpick has jumped and helped thousands of drivers get back on the road. Our technicians use portable jump boxes to get into garages, ports and hard to reach places. We always hook up red clamp to red post, black clamp to black post and will never leave you stranded.

You can call in to schedule or call for immediate service. FYI: we only charge 35 if we cannot get you started (light vehicles only). Rest assured you won't be left stranded. Our dispatchers are standing by ready to assist your needs.





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Updated: May 7

1. Find a safe location to pull over & turn on your vehicle's warning lights.

2. Check your trunk or underneath your vehicle to locate your spare and tire change tools.

3. Once you locate your tools, and spare tire, engage your vehicles parking brake.

4. Jack vehicle up by using adequate jack points as instructed in your vehicles service manual

5. Remove lug nuts with your lug-nut wrench.

6. Install donut tire or full spare tire.

7. Re-tighten your lug nuts to factory specs.

8. Safely lower vehicle and remove jack.

9. Check Air Pressure & be on your way.

When time is of the essence, and you need a helping hand in changing into a spare tire, you can trust that Mr.Quickpick Roadside Assistance, LLC will be there to help. We are open 24/7 & offer fast & affordable tire change assistance services that you can trust.

We are located in Indianapolis and can be to your location in a matter of minutes.

For a top-notch tire change service and friendly personnel call (317) 342-0887


Updated: Jan 30

Can I call someone to change the car battery? Dead batteries happen all the time. When and if you ever get into a situation where your car won't start, there may be a good change you need a new battery or a jump start to get you going. In that case, many people ask "who do I call when I have a dead battery" the simple answer is to pick up the phone and call Mr.Quickpick Roadside Assistance for all your jump start service and mobile battery installation and delivery needs. We are centrally located in Indianapolis and have a list of over 20 drivers who would love to come and assist your needs.

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Call Mr.Quickpick For Battery Changes

Can I call someone to jump my car? It can be daunting to wake up top a dead battery. Sometimes we may forget to turn off a light or power source and sometimes we may just sit in the car a bit too long after shutting it off. Between extreme weather conditions, battery longevity and how often its used. You may be better off replacing the battery instead of jumping it. If you have a dead battery or need a new battery delivered and installed. You can trust your friends here at Mr.Quickpick to get the job done quickly and affordably. We not only carry the best jump-starting equipment, but we also carry a stock of the world's most popular battery brands such as Interstate & Duracell. When you need a new battery installed in your vehicle or a jump start to get you going, you can count on Mr.Quickpick to be there to assist.

jump box for jump starting cars.
Call Mr.Quickpick For Jump Strarts

Who can you call when you get a dead battery and need a jump? If you have a roadside assistance plan, then you should call them first. Many car manufacturers sell roadside assistance insurance as part of your monthly bill. If you have insurance through AAA, AGERO, STATEFARM or any of these companies you will want to check if you are covered for jump start services. If you are covered, we can come out and perform the required services on behalf of your company, and we will bill them. If not, we can still come out and help, we would just have to bill you first.

Here are a few things to remember when requesting jump-start services from Mr.Quickpick

  1. If you are in a true emergency situation, do not hesitate to call 911.

  2. Check the back of your driver’s license for state-provided roadside assistance.

  3. Google for help using a search like: “jump start service or mobile battery services.”

  4. Go to and request service using this form

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Call Mr.Quickpick For Jump Starts

How much does it cost for roadside assistance to perform a jump start? Roadside assistance plans offer “free” jump start assistance. Many plans range from around $52 to $119 per vehicle. But many times, there will be an additional fee for service. Be sure to check the fine print and make sure to know what you are and aren't covered for. If you ask us, plans are a waste of money to some people and lifeline for others. We recommend using these services as needed. Here at Mr.Quickpick Roadside Assistance of Indianapolis we charge 55-65 for auto jump start services with no hidden fees. Our technicians are local and will happily cater to your every need.

Can you call the police to jump a car? Yes, it can be a good idea to call the police to help you with a jump start, especially if you are in an unfamiliar, possibly dangerous area, or if your car is blocking traffic. Usually police officers have some type of training assisting drivers with their vehicles. You can call the local Indianapolis police department here.

Can you call 911 for a jump start? Did you know that approximately 60% of 911 calls are for roadside assistance? NOT all of these people have true emergencies, it can be someone sitting at home with no money, someone on the side of the road who doesn't know who to call, etc. If you are in a true emergency, stuck on the side of the road with a dead battery, you should never hesitate to call 911. However, if you are in a safe location, you may be better off calling a local roadside assistance provider like your friends here at Mr.Quickpick Roadside Assistance. We usually take less than 30 mins to get to places, and we are always open.

How can I find my own roadside assistance provider for my jump start service?.

Finding a local roadside assistance provider is pretty easy these days. All you need to do to find a provider is simply perform a search on Google for terms like "roadside assistance, jump start service, my car won't start, and I need a jump start. You can trust that all the Mr.Quickpick Roadside providers have undergone background checks, and are fully insured to assist your needs. Our pricing for roadside assistance jump start assistance in Indianapolis starts at just 65 bucks, no hidden fees, no BS. our estimated wait times are within 30 minutes and our drivers are centrally located to ensure prompt and effective service. If you have insurance and would lie for us to come and help you can see our list of accepted providers here.

We're standing tall and ready to come to your roadside rescue. You'll be happy to know that we are not some app you can download, we are real people who live in your local area. We do this for a living a take a great amount of pride in our work. We will keep you informed of your service request from the moment you can to the time we drive off after performing your roadside assistance service. After service, you will be asked to review your experience and you can rest assured we will treat you like family.

How much does it cost to get a jump start?

Our jump start services start at just $65 for a light duty vehicle. Be sure to call in and get an exact quote and rest assured what is said on the phone is what we will do.

I tried to jump my car but it didn't work? If you’ve already tried to jump start on your vehicle, but the engine won’t turn over, there is a good chance that your battery could still be the source of the problem, it could be that it needs a stronger jump power source or that it needs to be replaced. Alternatively, it could also be your alternator (vehicles charging system), an ignition problem, a bad fuel pump or a faulty fuse & in that case, you will most likely need a tow or a mobile mechanic.

A lot of times power is the main problem on failed jump starts. We only charge full price for successful jumps. Call in and get service in minutes.

Prepare and stay safe. Now that you know who to call when your car won't start you can continue on your search. Find us here

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