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Updated: Aug 26, 2019

We've all had a situation in which a tire goes flat in the vehicle we are in. In such case, it definitely pays to have some knowledge on how to change your vehicle's tire. Below you'll learn just how to change a tire in minutes.

Firstly, before changing any tire you want to make sure you are in a safe location, make sure you have your hazard lights on, and apply your emergency brake. If you have it in possession, your vehicles manual would also be useful.

Most vehicles come equipped with their own tire changing equipment, usually located near the spare tire in the trunk or underneath the vehicle.

If your vehicle does not come with the required tools the be sure to purchase the correct tools or contact your local Mr.Quickpick for assistance.

Basically, all you need to change your vehicle's tire is a jack or something to lift the vehicle with & a lug nut wrench of some sort to remove and re-tighten your lug nuts. Aside from the spare or replacement tire, this is all you need to change a tire properly. See the steps below.

How To Change A Tire

1. Find a safe location & turn on your vehicle's warning hazard lights.

2. Check your trunk or underneath your vehicle to locate your spare and tire change tools.

3. Engage your vehicles parking brake.

4. Jack vehicle up by using adequate jack points. Be sure you use a reinforced part of the vehicle as a jacking point.

5. Remove lug nuts with lug nut wrench.

6. Install donut tire or spare tire.

7. Re-tighten your lug nuts to factory specs.

8. Safely lower vehicle and remove jack.

9. Tire change complete.

Be sure to remember and acknowledge that most spare tires are only designed to drive up to 50 Miles and no more than 50 MPH. Riding longer or faster than the specified maximums may result in dangerous driving conditions. In addition, most spare tires or donuts have a PSI rating of 60 PSI. Having any more or any less PSI than the specified amounts can result in dangerous conditions. If you don't have an air pump, you can call your local Mr.Quickpick for assistance in air delivery.

Here are other great places to learn to change a tire.

YouTube: How To Change A Tire

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