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What To Do When You Have A Flat Tire In Indianapolis

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

We've all had a situation in which a tire goes flat in the vehicle we are in. In such case, it definitely pays to have some knowledge on how to change your vehicle's tire. Below you'll learn just how to change a tire in minutes.

Firstly, before changing any tire you want to make sure you are in a safe location, make sure you have your hazard lights on, and apply your emergency brake. If you have it in possession, your vehicles manual would also be useful.

Most vehicles come equipped with their own tire changing equipment, usually located near the spare tire in the trunk or underneath the vehicle. These days there are quite a few vehicle make and models that don't come with a spare tire. If your vehicle does not come with a spare then be sure to call us anyway and ask about our mobile tire delivery and installation services.

Your vehicle should also come with its own set of tire changing equipment. If your vehicle does not come with the required tools then be sure to purchase the correct tools or contact your local Mr.Quickpick for assistance.

Who Can I Call To Change A Flat Tire?

When you get a flat tire in or near the Indianapolis area, you can rest assured that your friends here at Mr.Quickpick will be here to assist. All you have to do is call (317) 342-0887 to request roadside assistance services or fill out a form online so that we can dispatch to your location. We will be there in less than 30 minutes to assist.

If you are looking to request service to change a flat tire in Indianapolis, you can expect to pay between 55-65 for service. Mr.Quickpick has a flat rate of 65 with no hidden fees. Our technicians are fully insured & trained to work on your vehicle without causing any damages. Other services may charge less, but may take longer and may not be insured to protect against damages. When selecting a company you should consider price, eta's & customer service. Our reputation as Mr.Quickpick is unmatched, our etas are within 20-40 minutes and our pricing is far more than fair, starting at just $65.

If you have a flat tire in Indianapolis but don't have a spare tire, you can count on us to get you back on the road in no time with our mobile tire delivery and installation services. We can bring a new or used tire to your location in minutes. Our mobile tire installation services start at 225 but can range as high as 365 for one tire depending on the tire brand, size, and service location. We hold in stock all the major brands and sizes you need to get home in no time. If you are looking to schedule a mobile tire service, call us and setup service at (317) 342-0887.

Mobile tire installation service on a Tesla.
We offer mobile tire delivery and installation.

Mr.Quickpick Roadside Assistance is one of the few companies here in Indianapolis who will come and repair tires on the spot. A tire patch or plug may be the only solution to your flat tire. If your tire went flat after being parked a while or if you see a nail or object in your tire, it can most likely be fixed. We can determine if a tire is repairable by a simple visual inspection and knowing how it went flat. Pricing for mobile tire repair in Indianapolis starts at $75, etas are under 40 minutes. If you have a tire that seems repairable, but you are not sure, give us a call at (317) 342-0887 and let's see what we can do.

tire plug repair on flat tire
Nail or hole in your tire ? We can help.

Basically, all you need to change your vehicle's tire is a jack or something to lift the vehicle with & a lug-nut wrench of some sort to remove and re-tighten your lug nuts. Aside from the spare or replacement tire, this is all you need to change a tire properly. See the steps below.

how to change a tire
How To Change A Tire

1. Find a safe location & turn on your vehicle's warning hazard lights.

2. Check your trunk or underneath your vehicle to locate your spare and tire change tools.

3. Engage your vehicle's parking brake.

4. Jack the vehicle up by using adequate jack points. Be sure you use a reinforced part of the vehicle as a jacking point.

5. Remove lug nuts with lug-nut wrench.

6. Install donut tire or spare tire.

7. Re-tighten your lug nuts to factory specs.

8. Safely lower the vehicle and remove jack.

9. Tire change complete.

Be sure to remember and acknowledge that most spare tires are only designed to drive up to 50 Miles and no more than 50 MPH. Riding longer or faster than the specified maximums may result in dangerous driving conditions. In addition, most spare tires or donuts have a PSI rating of 60 PSI. Having any more or any less PSI than the specified amounts can result in dangerous conditions. If you don't have an air pump, you can call your local Mr.Quickpick for assistance in air delivery.

Here are other great places to learn to change a tire.

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